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Curved Pure Copper Water bottle Set - Smooth 1L

Curved Pure Copper Water bottle Set - Smooth 1L

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Introducing the Copperlly Handcrafted Curved Copper Water Bottle and Gift Set, designed to naturally balance your body and mind with the healing power of copper. Crafted with exceptional care and quality, this pure copper bottle is built to last for generations with proper care. Enjoy your daily water intake like never before, as this bottle chills your water to perfection and eliminates the need for sugary drinks. With a leak-proof cap seal and a wide mouth for easy cleaning, this pitcher is the only safe choice for those seeking true Copperlly quality. Don't settle for low-quality imitations, order now and experience the benefits of pure copper for a lifetime.

  • Primary Material:    Copper
  • Type:   Curved design pure copper water bottles
  • Capacity:   1000ml each
  • Set of 2 contain: 2 curved copper bottles
  • Dimensions: 7 X 27 cm each bottles
  • Weight: 280 gm of 1 bottle

 Copper watter bottle

Make  Every Sip Enjoyable – Revitalize your hydration routine with the Copperlly Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle. Say goodbye to the monotonous taste of plain water and hello to a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience. This bottle is designed to chill water to perfection, making it the most satisfying drink you'll have all day. Bid farewell to the unpleasant bloated feeling and make every sip count with the Copperlly Copper Water Bottle.

Reduce your sugar intake – Drinking enough water is crucial for our health, but let's face it, it can be difficult to choose water over sugary drinks. However, with the Copperlly Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of water and experience its health benefits without compromising on flavor. By eliminating the need for sugary drinks, you can reduce your sugar intake and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Make the choice to prioritize your health and drink to a brighter future with Copperlly.

Best Quality - Avoid the hassle of ordering and returning low-quality imitations. With so many options out there, it's easy to get scammed. Trust Copperlly to provide you with the best 100% pure copper water bottle, guaranteed to last a lifetime. This joint-free, rust-free, and leak-proof bottle has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and comes with a secure cap seal. Make the smart choice and choose Copperlly for a worry-free purchase.



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