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Is your Copper Water Bottle Real Copper?

Our copper water bottles are made of 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper, without any other metals, alloys, or lining. Other sellers, especially those who manufacture their copper bottles in China and sell on Amazon and Ebay, often falsely claim to sell pure copper water bottles that are actually plain metal bottles plated with copper. These bottles will start to rub off after a few months of use. Moreover, some copper bottles sold by other manufacturers may have shards peeling off their inner surface and ending up in drinking water. In contrast, our copper bottles are of exceptional quality, containing no toxic materials, and are constructed to the highest level of quality. When buying a copper bottle, make sure to do your research and invest in a quality product.

Are You Using Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products?

At Copperlly, we want to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when purchasing our bottles. That's why we do not sell through any online marketplaces, but exclusively through our website, www.copperlly.com. We take pride in our high-quality products and want to ensure that our customers are getting the genuine article. If you come across any listings claiming to sell Copperlly bottles, please contact us right away so that we can investigate and take appropriate action. Thank you for choosing Copperlly.

Will the copper exceed my body, if copper water bottles are used all the time?

The practice of storing water in copper vessels has been around for centuries and is rooted in Ayurvedic medicine. While it has gained attention from the scientific community in recent years, several recent studies have confirmed that water stored in copper vessels can have practical benefits. It has also been deemed safe by the World Health Organization for the body to consume up to 2mg of copper per litre of water. However, research shows that the amount of copper absorbed by water stored in a copper vessel for several hours is less than 1/20th of the safe limit. Despite this, it is recommended to use copper water bottles in moderation and not store the same water in it for more than 6 to 8 hours.

Is alkaline water created by my copper bottle?

Storing water in your copper water bottle is a great way to make natural alkaline water. In fact, our copper water bottles are essentially natural alkaline water bottles. Drinking alkaline water can be a great way to support a healthy lifestyle.

Check out our blog post for a detailed discussion that introduces alkaline water, explains the benefits of alkaline water, identifies the important differences between natural alkaline water and artificial alkaline water, and shares how you can make natural alkaline water easily, safely and inexpensively using your copper water bottle.

How much time does it take to create alkaline water?

Water stored in a copper vessel has the potential to become alkaline over time, which can provide some health benefits. The extent and speed of the alkalinization process depend on several environmental factors, including the original pH level and temperature of the water. Typically, the alkalinization process is faster when the water is at or slightly above room temperature. To gain the maximum benefits, it is recommended to store water in a copper water bottle for about 6-8 hours to allow for adequate alkalinization.

How's the stored copper water taste like?

The taste of water stored in a copper bottle is often described as fresh, clean, and pure, without any metallic aftertaste. While copper bottles are believed to have health benefits, the amount of copper that the water absorbs is not significant enough to alter its taste. Although you may notice a slight hint of copper if your tongue touches the bottle while drinking from it, the taste of the water remains largely unaffected. Overall, using a copper bottle is a great way to stay hydrated while enjoying the benefits of copper's antimicrobial properties.

Which water I can use in my copper water bottle?

If you own a copper water bottle, you may be wondering what type of water you should use to fill it. The good news is that you can use any type of water you like, including tap water, filtered water, or bottled water. However, if you plan to use tap water, it's important to note that it is typically less alkaline and may require more care. While tap water is generally safe in most first-world cities, you may want to consider filtering it before pouring it into your copper water bottle to ensure that it's clean and free of any impurities that could potentially affect the taste or quality of your drinking water.

Is it necessary to clean my copper water bottle before using it for the first time?

When you receive your copper water bottle, it's important to ensure it's clean before using it to keep yourself hydrated. We recommend washing the inside of the bottle with warm water and a drop of liquid soap before filling it up with drinking water for the first time. This will help remove any potential impurities that may have come into contact with the bottle during transportation and storage, ensuring you have a clean and safe drinking experience. Once washed, your copper water bottle will be ready to use, keeping your water fresh and cool for longer periods.

How to polish and clean my copper bottle?

If you own a copper water bottle, it is essential to know that it is made of 100% pure copper and will patina over time. However, some people prefer the shine of copper over the patina, and it is effortless to remove. By using a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt, you can restore your bottle's shine in no time. The mixture of lemon and salt will naturally remove the patina from the surface of your bottle, and all you have to do is rinse it with water and dry it well. So, whether you like the natural patina or the shiny appearance of copper, you can easily maintain your copper water bottle's appearance with just a simple solution of lemon and salt.

Are the bottles leak-free?

Our copper water bottles come with a leak-proof cap, ensuring that you can carry them around with ease and without worrying about any spills or leaks. These bottles are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and want to stay hydrated on the go. With its secure cap, you can confidently toss the bottle into your bag and take it with you wherever you go. So whether you are going to work, gym or out on a hike, you can rest assured that your copper

Which fruits can be used with my copper bottle?

Drinking infused water, such as lemon water, has numerous health benefits, including promoting hydration, aiding digestion, and boosting the immune system. Combining these benefits with the advantages of storing water in a copper water bottle can provide even greater health benefits. However, it's important to note that copper can react with acids, such as citric acid found in lemons, which can be harmful. Thus, it's recommended to only use water in your copper water bottle and add lemon slices or lemon juice to a separate cup for consumption. By doing so, you can reap the benefits of both copper-infused water and lemon water without any negative effects.

Coffee, tea, juice or sparkling water be used in my copper bottle?

Copper is a reactive metal that can interact with acidic substances, resulting in the release of copper ions into the liquid. This can affect the taste of the drink and potentially harm your health if consumed in large amounts. Therefore, it is essential to use only water in your copper water bottle to avoid any potential adverse effects. By doing so, you can ensure that you are benefiting from the natural antimicrobial properties of copper while staying safe and healthy.

Can essential oils be used with my copper water bottle?

Adding essential oils directly into a copper water bottle is not recommended as certain acidic essential oils may react with the copper. However, you can add essential oils to water that has been charged in a copper container, but in a separate container. This will help you reap the benefits of both copper and essential oils without risking any harmful chemical reactions. It is always important to take proper precautions and do your research before experimenting with any new wellness practices.

Crystals can be used with copper bottles?

If you're looking to enhance the benefits of your copper water bottle, using crystals is a great option that is both easy and inexpensive. By creating a crystal water bottle or 'crystal elixir', you can infuse the healing properties of crystals into your drinking water. Our blog post on the subject provides a step-by-step guide on how to make your own crystal water bottle, so you can start enjoying the benefits of this powerful combination. With just a few simple materials and some basic

Do your copper bottles fit a car cup holder?

Our copper water bottles come in two sizes, but both of them are designed to fit in a standard-sized car cup holder.

Are the copper water bottles handmade?

Our copper water bottles are meticulously crafted by expert artisans using traditional techniques. This means that each bottle is one-of-a-kind and may have minor flaws that enhance its individuality and charm.

Why are your copper water bottles hammered?

Our copper water bottles are crafted using traditional hammering techniques for two key reasons: to enhance their beauty and to increase the surface area of copper in contact with the water. This contact improves the health benefits of drinking from copper water bottles. Additionally, we now offer smooth bottles for those who prefer a different aesthetic.

Are the copper water bottles lined?

Our bottles are pure copper and completely free of any lining. This ensures that you can enjoy the full benefits of copper, including its antimicrobial properties, without any interference from other materials. Plus, our commitment to using only 100% copper means you can feel good about using a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Do your copper bottles have lacquer coating?

At our company, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality copper bottles that are pure and free from any toxic coatings. Unlike many other sellers, we do not use a lacquer coating on the interior of our bottles, which can be harmful to your health. Instead, we offer bottles that develop a natural patina over time, which is a sign of pure copper. For those customers who prefer a smooth brushed exterior without patina, we use a non-toxic coating on the exterior only. Rest assured, when you choose our copper bottles, you can be confident that your drinking water comes into contact with pure copper only.

Do you make double-walled or insulated copper bottles?

The decision not to make double-walled or insulated copper bottles is deliberate, with two significant reasons behind it.

  1. Firstly, Ayurveda recommends drinking room temperature or lukewarm water to support the digestive and lymphatic systems, rather than cold water which can douse the digestive fire and freeze gut enzymes.
  2. Secondly, double-walled copper bottles can be prone to mold formation due to the construction methods used, as water seeps between the walls. This can be detrimental to health, and is avoided by producing single-walled copper bottles. While warm water is suitable for filling the copper bottle, hot or boiling water is not recommended as it can cause the water to absorb too much copper, which is not beneficial for health.

Copper bottles be kept  in the refrigerator or freezer?

It is generally recommended to drink water at room temperature as it is easier for your body to process. However, if you prefer your water cold, you can store your copper bottle in the fridge. It's important to note that you should never put your copper bottle in the freezer, as the water inside could freeze and expand, causing the bottle to potentially explode. So, it's best to avoid freezing your copper bottle and stick to keeping it in the fridge if you want to chill your water.

Where do you ship from?

At our company, we take pride in providing prompt and reliable shipping services. As such, we ship all orders directly from our location in the USA. This ensures that our customers receive their products in a timely manner and with the highest level of quality. Rest assured that your order is in good hands with us.

Where do you ship?.

We offer worldwide shipping to every country. Whether you're located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, we've got you covered. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable shipping options to customers all around the world. So, no matter where you are, you can order from us with confidence knowing that your package will be delivered to your doorstep.

How much does your shipping cost?

When making a purchase, be sure to provide your mailing address at checkout. This will allow the website to calculate the shipping fees to your destination and display them for you before finalizing your order. Providing accurate and complete address information can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery process.

At our company, we understand the anticipation of receiving a new copper water bottle. To ensure our customers' satisfaction, we package and ship all orders within one business day. Shipping times vary by destination. 

For orders within the USA, delivery usually takes 5-7 business days with tracking. 

For orders outside the USA, delivery may take longer, typically 10-20 business days with tracking.

How are products packaged for shipment?

At our company, we take the safety of our products seriously. That's why all of our items are securely sealed in plastic wrap and placed in their own individual box before being shipped out in a bubble mailer or shipping carton. This ensures that our products are never touched by delivery staff. We also maintain a clean and sanitised warehouse in the USA where our items are shipped from.

How can I update an order?

To cancel or change your order, please email us at hello@copperlly.com promptly. Although we ship orders promptly, we will endeavour to handle your request. We are unable to cancel or modify an order once it has begun processing. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for any address input errors made by the customer during checkout.

Cool product! How did you come up with this?

At our company, we believe in reducing plastic waste and promoting healthy lifestyles. Our copper water bottles are made with exceptional quality and are the perfect alternative to disposable plastic water bottles. We hope our customers will share our passion for sustainability and choose our bottles to help protect the environment and their own well-being.