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Warli Print Pure Copper Water Bottle - 1L

Warli Print Pure Copper Water Bottle - 1L

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This beautiful hand-crafted warli printed pure copper water bottle is especially designed to boost your energy level. This copper water bottle looks good as well as water stored (Tamra jal) in this copper vessel also taste good. Made with superior quality material with perfect finishing, this copper bottle makes you to drink more and more water helps to relieve thirst.


  • Primary Material:    Copper
  • Type:   Printed pure copper water bottle
  • Capacity:   1L

Ayurveda recommended for daily drinking water from copper water bottle every morning naturally purifies your body and helps to maintain good health, better digestion, aids weight loss, slows anti-ageing, beats anemia and meets the copper requirement of body. It claims for curing three doshas of the body namely Vatha, Pitha & Kapha by positively charging the stored water.

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