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Pure Copper Bottle with Sipper - 750 ML

Pure Copper Bottle with Sipper - 750 ML

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This unique copperlly copper bottle comes with BPA free sipper so your child can use it easily Also very easy to hold. Copper has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which make water more beneficial for your health. this copperlly pure copper bottle can be easily carried in your gym bag, office bag or your Childs school bag.


  • Material: Copper
  • Color: Light green
  • Capacity: 750 Mililiters
  • Feature: comes with straw

Feature of sipper copper bottle:

Leak proof and lightweight design:

the perfect companion for your every day water need. this copper bottle is lightweight and it leakproof design is long lasting and unique.


this super durable bottles are option for plastic bottle with unlimited health benefits. It is sustainable choice for your family need.

How to clean copper bottle:

 This unique copper bottle is easy to clean and can be cleaned with vinegar, salt, and water for fresh results. for out side clean only hand wash the bottle and do not use any other cleaning product.


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