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Paisley Blues Meena Print Bedroom Copper Water Carafe- 1100 ML

Paisley Blues Meena Print Bedroom Copper Water Carafe- 1100 ML

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Copperlly's Printed Bedside Copper Water Carafe- 1100 ML comes with 200 ML of Inbuilt Glass. It also known as Bedside water carafe. The unique design made it stand alone. 

why should you drink water form copper Water carafe?

  • copper Carafe has anti-bacterial features, Its supports good health
  • Regular drinking from copper water carafe supports healthy skin,
  • helps maintain cardiovascular health,
  • copper water stimulates the brain
  • and most important it removes the use of plastic bottle

Why paisley blues Meena print copper water carafe?

  • Ideal size for drinking healthy water
  • Stylish and Trendy design
  • light weight and durable
  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • comes with a inbuild glass
  • wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • Bedside carafe

Why Buy from Copperlly?

You can always trust to get 100% pure quality of Carafe. Also we are proud to say that we donate 10% of our profit in non-profit organization that work to provide clean water to developing countries. Your purchase will directly create positive impacts on under developed communities in the world.

 To know How to clean copper bottle check this blog


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