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Kansa Wand- Facial Massage Tool

Kansa Wand- Facial Massage Tool

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Wondering why this Ayurveda-approved skincare tool taking Instagram by storm?

 “Kansa wand” A perfect massage tool designed to stimulate blood circulation and to reveal your inner glow with a weekly facial massage. Kansa wand massage tool can help depuff & detoxify your skin, boosts circulation and soften the appearance of fine line. Used and recommended by skin experts and liked by thousands of our customer this tool is game changing for beautiful and glowing skin.

Kansa wand is made of special pure metal (tin + copper) known for its healing abilities to balance the skin’s pH and repair the skin with long term glow.

Benefit of Kansa wand which our customers liked:

  • Reduce skin inflammation
  • Strengthens your nerves
  • Balance the pH of your skin
  • Stimulates & restore tissue
  • Support Lymphatic drainage

How to Use Kansa wand facial massage tool?

First apply a serum or quality oil to your face then take the kansa wand and use it in small, circular motion around the eye sockets, move in figure eight motion across your forehead and move it in upward strokes across the jaw area to gently stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage for clearer and smoother skin.  Massage on all over the face for 10 to 15 minutes.


Your skin may turn grey, but don’t worry this indicate that acids are being released to detoxify your skin. This can be rinse off with warm water.


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