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Kansa Gua Sha Face massage tool for skin care

Kansa Gua Sha Face massage tool for skin care

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Do you wonder you can still get glowing skin without using artificial facial product? Kansa or also known as bronze Gua Sha is the tool which help your skin get natural glow. when using three times in a week this kansa gua sha will promote skin health, reduce puffiness from skin and remove wrinkles form forehead and tighten the skin.

Give only 10 minutes from your busy schedule for your skin care and your will start seeing the result from first week of using kansa Gua sha.

Benefits of using ancient kansa gua sha:

  • Copperlly Kansa Gua Sha is a carefully handcrafted tool that gives you benefits of Gua Sha as well as bronze(Kansa) Metal. Bronze is made with Copper+Zinc+tin and have healing property used by many people.
  • this kansa Gua-Sha is know to reduce skin inflammation, increase the blood circulation.
  • Tim helps in reduce facial stress and together this bonze metal balance your skins pH and give beautiful and glowing effect for longer time.
  • Reduce under eye dark circle.
  • reduce puffiness from face.

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