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Handmade Blue Butterflies Meena Print Bedroom copper bottle

Handmade Blue Butterflies Meena Print Bedroom copper bottle

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Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing? Drinking water from a copper water bottle is a great way to do so! Here are three reasons why: - Copper is helpful in keeping the digestive tract clean. - Copper has the potential to fortify your body against harmful microbes. - Water stored in a copper bottle is naturally detoxed from all the impurities contained in it.

Copperlly's handmade pure copper bottle comes with unique blue butterflies Meena print design. this unique design grab the attention on first look. with health benefits of copper water this bottle has it all size, beauty and benefits. this handmade pure copper bottle also comes with 200 ML on inbuilt glass which eases the drinking of water. 


  • Brand: Copperlly
  • Material: pure Copper
  • Color: Blue & white butterfly desing
  • Capacity: 1100 ml
  • Product Care: Hand wash only

How to clean printed copper bottle?


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