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Copperlly - Rose Quartz Gua Sha for Wrinkle free Skin

Copperlly - Rose Quartz Gua Sha for Wrinkle free Skin

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Gua-Sha is a ancient therapeutic technique for skin healing where Gua means scrape, and Sha means sand. Face massager Gua Sha is being used in USA from many years but recently it got more popular as many celebrities started using Gua-Sha for their daily skin care routine as this facial massager Gua Sha stone helps to get natural skin glow.

By helping in natural Natural skin glow rose quartz gua sha provide benefits like:

  • Reduce early age ageing sings
  • Rose quartz Gua Sha helps in get rid of puffiness and fine line
  • Reduce wrinkles from face
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • Helps in product absorption into skin
  • And the most important Gua sha facial massage tool relaxes tension in the facial muscles
  • The crystal healing properties encourage self-love and acceptance, thus attracting fulfilling and honest relationships – both with the self and a partner.

How does copperlly’s rose quartz crystal Gua Sha Works?

Copperllys Rose quartz gua sha is made with 100% authentic natural rose quartz crystal. When used 3 times in a week rose quartz gua sha crystal improve blood circulation and increase oxygen levels of your skin, It escalate lymphatic drainage( relieves in swellings from medical treatment or illness blocks the lymphatic system)

Why you should Buy rose quartz gua sha cystal from copperlly

  • We are a small team trying bring natural product in every day routine of Hardworking women like you and we are proud to say that we as copperlly already become part of 5000+ customer alone in USA.
  • Copperlly’s product are handcrafted in India and we spend 10% of our profit on betterment of artisans.
  • We are small but our dream is big. We guarantee the best quality as we want our customer to come again and again.
  • So don’t wait and become part of the change. Buy Now

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